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In the business division, Quartz announced in August 2014 that, among 150 organizations checked in three noteworthy classifications in the United States (Fortune 50 biggest organizations, medium size tech and media organizations, and new businesses from the last Y Combinator hatchery class), just a single Fortune 50 organization utilized Gmail - Google itself - while 60% of average sized organizations and 92% of new businesses were utilizing Gmail. gmail sign in


In May 2014, Gmail turned into the main application on the Google Play Store to hit one billion establishments on Android devices.


Informal organization integration


On February 9, 2010, Google started its new person to person communication instrument, Google Buzz, which incorporated with Gmail, enabling clients to share connections and media, and additionally status updates.


Google Buzz was suspended in October 2011, supplanted with new usefulness in Google+, Google's then-new long range informal communication platform.


Gmail was coordinated with Google+ in December 2011, as a component of a push to have all Google data crosswise over one Google account, with a concentrated Google+ client profile. Backlash from the move made Google venture back and expel the prerequisite of a Google+ client account, keeping just a private Google account without an open confronting profile, beginning in July 2015.


G Suite

Primary article: G Suite

In August 2006, Google declared Google Apps for Your Domain; unique Google accounts with access to a few of Google's administrations, with extra administrator devices and custom email addresses, directed at associations, private companies, substantial undertakings, instructive establishments, and ISPs. The venture was an extension of the Gmail for Your Domain benefit propelled in February 2006.


The administration has experienced a few rebrandings, in the end being at present marked G Suite. G Suite incorporates access to well known Google administrations, including Gmail, with extra propelled usefulness, and more security, particularly created for various sorts of associations and organizations.